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tv   ABC 7 News    January 16, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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welcome to "the electric playground." this is the show that brings you everything cool every single day. so say we all. today we feature our list of the coolest 2011 things for 2011. we look aheaead at hot movies, video games and gadgets that we're excited about in the coming year. we have an awesome episode of "ep" for you today. i'm victor lucas. this is scott jones. on this show we cover all the latest in movies, video games, gadgets and more. today we're going to talk about all the cool stuff in 2011. we got off "the electric playground" crystal ball and take a look at the 2011 things to be excited about in 2011. >> that's a lot of things. >> it is. first up on "ep" calendar is the green hornet.
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>> i want you to take my hand and come with me on this adventure. >> i'd go with you but i don't want to touch you. >> you don't have to take my hand but will you come with me on this adventure? >> it's been around a long time. a lot of people tried to do it. we approached it as a relationship story. i think that's what our version maybe has that some the of the other versions didn't have. it is really exciting. you know, it is unbelievable. action, comedy and drama and one that's really about characters. >> we've been wasting our potential. >> you a little bit more than me. >> seth and i always wanted to do something about a hero and a sidekick. when they came to us with this, game over. yeah! this is a fun project. >> why not make a crazy action and make it funny and make it emotional? >> there's more than one green super hero and we have a look at this summer's biggest blockbusters.
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here is ryan reynolds. >> your name? >> hal. >> the ring. it chose you. you have to defend our universe. become one of us. become a green member. >> wow. i know, right! >> whoo! >> the "green liner." one of my favorite directors put them together. and green is the color we associate with the x box 360. so for a look in that "ep" crystal ball, let's look what is coming up for that machine in 2011. >> we open up the game, it has invaded the united states and occupy a large portion of the west coast.
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while that's going on, you begin fighting against the koreans. you are an fbi purchase. you're in charge with the ex-con organization which is a special division of the fbi which is dedicated to unraveling mysteries behind this deadly invasion by the u.s. by an unknown force. one of the big edition this is year is champion mode which is a first war on fight night. it's going to knock some people's socks off right from the opening bell. >> we gave apple's ipad the award for the best gadget of 2010. for 2011 they'll have real competition from blackberry. >> that's right. this should keep apple on its toes.
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the new tablet looks fast. it has a front and rear facing cameras and has no problems playing videos. i love this competition. i can't wait to get my hands on the playbook and see how it compares to the ipad. >> the ipad needs to stay on the cutting edge. >> i think it needs to have a little bit more expandability. usb slots will be good. camera options on the front and back compared to the iphone last year and i think apple shouldn't ab frayed to get even deeper into laptop territory with the ipad. they want the distinction but this is a powerful machine, let it go all the way. >> i want it to love me. >> there's an idea. stick around, we'll have more cool stuff for 2011 right after this. after the break, we've got more awesome blurays, blockbuster movies and what 2011 has in store for us. [ female announcer ] when you're coughing, can't breathe, new icy hot no-mess vapor gel
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welcome back to "electric playground." our bluray expert looked into our crystal ball and came up with her list for the most anticipated bluray releases for 2011. >> 2010 was a great year for blurays. i can't wait to get my hands on the hottest titles of 2011. "charmed" has a soundtrack and incredible effects. i can't wait for it to light up my bluray player this year. from the cohen brothers comes the remake of the john wayne western true grit. it includes jeff bridges and josh brolin and matt dame on and the cinematic style that the cohen brothers are known for. and speaking of director duos,
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my collection wouldn't be complete without comedies in "hall pass." >> what? >> when two best friends are given one week of freedom from their marriages to do whatever they want. adventure ensues. can you bet the gag reel in this bluray will be epic. >> i'm going to try to nail the receptionist. >> this summer the multiplex is going to be full of super heroes. we have a chance to get details about captain america from their stars. take a look. >> what a greedy poor boy. >> ladies and gentlemen, the god of thunder. >> all those looking at the comics and working out and how we held his weapon. >> how he stands. the fans are so excited about
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the material. people that you're really delivering to i think is every actor's dream. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for captain america, the first adventure. >> it's fantastic. everyone i'm working with is great. the suit is fantastic. and it's just a thrill. >> the details are still pretty thin on those two movies. we'll have a lot more as the year progresses. another cool looking movie is battle los angeles. and we got a chance to chat with two of the stars. >> i play a staff sergeant who's about to retire. happy about that. gets pulled back into the alien warfare. had to take a platoon of young marines into war. and you go through hell together. and we bond and we lose some guys. we pick up michelle rodriguez's character who is wonderful. >> she ends up losing and having
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to shoot her way out of the situation. she needs the marines who are professionals at that. you wouldn't want to be in the hands of anybody better. next thing you know, you're in an adventure the whole way. >> there are rumors floating around that we're going to see a new console for anyone to end yoe in 2011. i'm not buying it. >> the current wii is doing just fine. there are lots of cool titles available. it would be great to see nintendo games in hd. there are plenty of nintendo wii games to get excited about in 2011. take a look. >> you use your sword and every movement is replicated on screen. it just feels right. it's very rewarding to be the boss. the way that game looks is incredible. and the impact it has on somebody when they see it for the first time really gets people excited. it uses motion controls and whatever angle you use the whip on.
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you'll see it on screen. it is just pleasing to whip a bunch of enemies. >> it works in attack of the clones and both seasons ofhe animated series. you'll be able to play through all of your favorite episodes and favorite characters from the classic films and the characters in the series. >> coming up, some super movie sequels, the coolest ps 3 games sequels, the coolest ps 3 games and much more.
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gold bond medicated lotion relieves itch on contact. look for the healing seal. gold bond medicated lotion. stop itching. start healing. garlique's clinically tested ingredient maintains healthy cholesterol naturally. eat right. exercise. garlique. welcome back to "electric playground" cool things for 2011. now when it comes to summer movie seasons, blockbuster sequels are a staple. and 20111 no different. >> whether it comes to harry potter movies, this is part two of the series which is some kind of movie milestone. >> here's a sneak peek of this summer's biggest movie sequels.
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>> there he is. >> there it is. the last harry potter movie. >> coming up in 2011, let's take a look at what else is coming
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out. >> for all these years, you've seen the license through the panel of the comic book or you've seen it on tv or movies. it's always been great. you've been a spectator. you've never been able to be in it yourself. this is your opportunity to be in the living, breathing universe. >> i think the series just marries well with the three technologies. they went full bore with apocalypse. something they did from the ground up and looks fantastic. >> definite departure from the motor storm franchise. you still have the elements. still crazy, wild races. you have the hollywood crashes. you have the great graphics. all that still in there. >> it is an amazing idea. you have to make all sorts of games. can you make top down, rps
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games, shooters. the whole game is just crank full of tools. it's a great whatever kind of idea. >> now those games are with us. you know what i want? >> what? >> more cool movies. >> it can happen. all right. >> let the cuts begin. >> you quest the way you like. i will quest the way i like. here i come. >> quest up. >> i shouldn't even be here. >> i will probably die on this quest. courtney definitely wins. ♪ >> that didn't really go as planned.
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>> they're coming back! ♪ >> we'll set you free. ♪ >> you know what we're doing. get out of here. >> if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. >> coming up after the break, we take a look at the hottest pc games and we reveal the most anticipated games and movies for
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hand sanitizers are essential, but the alcohol's drying. [ female announcer ] gold bond hand sanitizer kills germs without alcohol, then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. welcome back to a bunch of "playground's" 2011 cool things. if you didn't check out the cool
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movies and games, it helps if you have killer reels to get you to the theater or store. so we sent our own reporter out to see what is the "ep" mobile of 2011. >> i just drove a car that feels like it is out of science fiction. where did the asked for the electric roadster come from? and why a roadster? >> he had the idea, a fascination with future mobility. rockets and electric cars and he said, you know, the big three aren't going to create an electric car, we're going to do it and create our own. he also realized he needed to make it really exciting and cool and have a great body that people would be attracted to. it's almost like driving a 500 horsepower 500 pound torque gas car. it is instantaneous. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. and with that one speed, direct
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gearbox, there is nothing that will touch this car in the city. >> so they didn't kill the electric car after all. most of the gaming centers around con soles and mobile. here are the most hotly anticipated pc games of 2011. >> good. you're back. i thought maybe you tried to escape without me. >> we really wanted to keep that elegance that the first game had. we didn't want to have a bunch of buttons and new things. so instead what we did is took a bunch of mechanics and we built the game around that. so every time you're playing a puzzle, there is something new and exciting and something that makes you think about how you're using it. >> here. >> one of the things about the oem republic is we go back into star wars history and fill in all that what did it look like? how did we get there? and what players tell their own stories. there are all different classes
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having their own class stories. for the first time you can be a hero and craft history instead of living it as we already know it. >> can you see it out here? >> level three is brand new hero classes who are going to face an invasion from hell and try to protect all of human kind from this invasion and the resulting apocalypse that might follow. >> well, as we come to the end of the 2011 special, we take a moment to check in with the team to see what they're looking forward to? >> we have one rule, one movie and one game as the most wanted for 2011. we start with sean. >> thanks, vic. 1993 i spent most of my allowance in an arcade playing mortal combat 2. when announced last year that mortal combat was going to make a comeback of epic proportions and return to the bloody roots, i was super stoked. >> this is where i was reborn.
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>> with the inclusion and new feares like the slow motion x ray move that lets you see internal damage as it happens and the more realistic damage, i can't wait to get my hands on this one. i'm in my action pose. i love action and comic book movies. 2010 was a great year for both of those genres. 2011 looks to be no different. the movie i'm looking forward to the most is the action packed comic adventure "green lanter." i've been a fan of this hero on the comic book page for years. its about time he's gotten a movie, especially since he's one of the coolest super heroes ever. who wouldn't want to have a power ring like that? and let's not forget the power of the amazing mustache. over to you, jose. >> thanks, sean. hello, 2011. 2010 was a great year for the entertainment industry. here are the things i'm most excited for in the new year. coming off the praises and successes of 2010s red dead redemption, rock star is back at it. and this time they're taking us into the world of l.a. a war.
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this game intrigued me. i don't know too much about l.a. enwar and i look forward to figuring it out. people are looking for the next best super hero movie, my most anticipated film of 2011 is, "the hangover 2." that's right, "the hangover 2" is back and bringing hilarious cast mates with them. i love the first film and don't see how they can top it. but bringing back mike tyson and bringing in bill clinton into the mix, that's awesome! i can't wait to see what they bring to this party. >> thanks, jose. 2010 was such a rad year for games and movies. i'm assuming that 2011ill be no different. here are the titlele i'm most excited for. i love the first ground breaking it rags of this title, you let i'll be the first in line to play create and share with little big planet two. this time around the traditional platform style is being expanded upon including shooters, races and rps. when i'm not playing and
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creating, i'll be hitting the theaters to check out all the new releases and one i'm really excited for is "cowboys and aliens" featuring a cast of all star fair favorites like harrison ford and olivia wild. what could be better than a period wesch witern with aliens. that's a sample of things i'm excited for in 2011. now let's head to the studio. >> all right. it's our turn. what are you most excited to see and play? >> see, victor lucas, sucker punch. i can not wait to get this movie in my eyes. re resistance three, i'm excited for giant aliens and shooting and more dynamics. those guys are awesome. >> yeah. my choices are captain america from joe johns. i can't wait to see what he does with the character and the era. and batman arkam city. they know how to do a great batman. that's it for our look ahead at 2011. i hope you enjoyed the show and got lots of great ideas of lots of things to be excited for.
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if you want to follow our show any time can you online. thanks for watching. we'll see you soon. -- captions by vitac --
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